May 28, 2020

Summer School 2020

Written by Deb Stevens

Paraclete Summer School Information


  • For Seniors (class of 2021), this is their last summer for becoming more competitive on college applications by improving their academic record. 
  • Summer school can help improve a grade that may qualify a student for a more advanced class. 
  • If a student has a D in a previous "a-g" class, Summer School is the easiest way to become college-eligible. 
  • If you earned an "F", they MUST take Summer School to return to Paraclete. 
  • Art of Film satisfies the VPA (art) requirement, leaving space in a Junior or Senior schedule for another elective.
  • If we stay quarantined, a student may as well do something with their time (Brandman University summer classes are still available, btw). 
  • Summer School is FREE!

ALL summer courses will be conducted as Remote Learning.

  • Students should contact their counselor by email if they are not sure if they need Summer School.
  • Registration forms are available in student's Google classroom. Submit them electronically or print and drop them off at the school office weekday mornings (call first to confirm that the office is open).
  • You may Summer School Registration 2020


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