April 15, 2019

Parents Organization News

Written by Paraclete High School


Exciting NEWS!!!

On April 2, the board was able to grant $20,000 worth of “wish list” requests to benefit the students, staff, and school. It was all made possible by the PPO’s successful annual Vegas Night Fundraiser last October.

Here are some of the exciting items we approved:

  • Science Department
    • Lab Coats
    • Banners for STEM Competitions
  • Robotics
    • Various parts, tools, and Registration Fees for Competitions
  • Maintenance
    • 2 Water bottle filler/water fountains
    • New Bell relay controller and software
  • Art Department, Drama, Yearbook, & ASB
    • Color All in One Printer with Replacement Toner Cartridges
    • Bluetooth Speaker systems
  • Classrooms
    • Apple TV in each classroom
  • Chapel
    • New set of chairs

Thank you, again, to all of our Vegas Night volunteers who helped make this possible.


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