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April 16, 2018

Is a Private School Education Worth the Cost?

Written by John Anson

Concerned parents have this question on their mind often. At Paraclete High School, there are so many factors that go in to how we answer this question. 

Safety First

Today perhaps more than ever, safety is of paramount importance in schools. While we do have our own security measures to ensure our students' safety, we are proud to be the one of the few schools in LA county without the security checkpoints and metal detectors.

While the security of the children is always our focus, we've simply never had the need to install such measures. We believe our students hold themselves to a higher standard, and through our mission of serving others, each Paraclete student truly embodies this practice. We keep each other safe and have each other's best interest at heart. 

Needless to say, this is a rarity in any school, but particularly at a high school. 

Genuine Enthusiasm to Learn

Every day, our teachers and staff look forward to coming in to school with the passionate and bright mind that defines a Paraclete Spirit. 

Our technology-first curriculum brings 1 to 1 technology into the classroom, and integrates with each lesson plan, so that learning can continue even after the bell rings. We have found that by providing our students with their own tablets, they do in fact continue learning after the school day. 

Our rigorous, college prep-level education through the four year program has served generations of graduates to see success in college and the workforce. Our extensive and enthusiastic alumni network would be all too happy to share how their time with us at Paraclete destined them for success. 

Our students are well-rounded people. Learn more about joining us at Paraclete!

The solution for our student success here at Paraclete does not just rely on the intelligence of each student. When a students finds a certain course or topic particularly challenging, our teachers meet that challenge with additional support and guidance, to help student find their own success at their pace. 

Competitive Offerings

With nearly 20 Advanced Placement (or AP) classes available for our students, in traditional areas as well as strong STEM topics, we feel this is best way to prepare young people for success. Studies have reported that dual enrollment does not lead to the same success rates in college as AP offerings, nor are dual enrollment credits recognized as widely as AP credits. 

We are also proud of our extracurricular programs! From our student athletes, some of whom sign onto notable teams after they graduate, to the talented members of our creative clubs, and the great minds of the academic groups who continue to represent Paraclete at competitions around the state. We are proud of the success of the students in their pursuits, but also in the joy and pride we see in the players and their families when a team wins State Playoffs, or the Academic Decathlon team brings home gold medals.

Part of Something Bigger

It might be the Christian Values that are carried through the curriculum, or it might stem from our focus on serving others. In the end, there is a strong bond and identity of the diverse and ever-changing Paraclete Spirits that is truly inspiring to see. It doesn't take students long to realize this place is partly theirs, and there is beauty in feeling that you truly belong here. 

You can tell from the smiles and general comfort on campus, that there is something bigger that our students are a part of. Take a quick look at our student-run Instagram account to see what they choose to share about their Spirit Stories. 

All Are Welcome

No matter the faith your household keeps, all students are welcome here.  You do not have to be Catholic to attend Paraclete.

We define ourselves as a community, together in faith, serving others, made stronger with each other. If you have any questions about joining the Paraclete family, you can certainly reach out to the Admissions team. Consider joining us as well for a seasonal Open House event, where you can meet Student Ambassadors, and potential classmates while touring the school. 


The Bottom Line

As a parent, the best high school education choice for you is for you and your family alone to make. Your child's safety is an important factor, as are extracurricular opportunities, academic excellence, and making sure your child plain enjoys being at the school. 

The cost of a private school like Paraclete certainly plays a role in this decision as well. If tuition is the one factor holding you back, get in touch with our Admissions team, to see if there is additional information we can provide about the investment of attendance for your rising 8th grader.  

The bottom line is, check in with your student. See what they liked about Paraclete. Check in with yourself, and ask yourself, can I picture myself here, as a member of the Paraclete family? The best decision lies within both of your answers. Choosing a school like Paraclete might end up being the best investment you can make in your child's future. 

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